The Lomond Mountaineering Club was founded in 1932 and is open to climbers and walkers, whatever their level of mountaineering experience. We are based in Glasgow, Scotland. The clubs aims are to help its members to pursue the sport of mountaineering in accordance with the spirit of the hills and goodwill to others.

The club meets every Wednesday evening in the back bar of the Lismore Bar, on Dumbarton Road near the Kelvin Hall underground station, from 9:30pm. During the summer we meet at local crags beforehand and in winter some members visit the TCA, Ibrox Climbing wall or the Kelvin Hall before making it along to the pub.

Information on joining us can be found by clicking here. Sign up for our weekly email confirming the climbing venue here

This site has been set up to allow all members and potential members to organise trips, arrange lifts to meets and generally enthuse. Please feel free to post messages, add events, pictures, useful links to the site.

Winter Meets 2014 - 2015

I finally got of my backside and arranged the winter schedule.

I will post up more info on each venue nearer the time and when the Meets calendar is back online I will update that too. There are a couple of meets that have still to be confirmed.

Assuming I fill the gaps the winter meets will commit the club to around £900 in booking costs. We are relying on the keenness and support of our members to get out into the mountains and use these opportunities. Please pencil these dates in your diary.

Nov 7th/8th:
Inver croft - Achnasheen/Torridon

Mountain days, and a Bothy night

If you haven't read the book Mountain days Bothy night then i suggest you do, when planning any walking days if i can i include a stay in a bothy. You don't no what your going to get, you may get the bothy all to yourself, and that can be good, but the best times are when you get some " good" company and in a bothy that can be almost anything or anybody. I needed to get out on the hills to get a bit of fitness and to wear in a pair of B3 boots for an alps trip this month.

3 peak challenge (Lisa mcguiness done the report)

This weekend myself, Pedro and his fried Davy tackled the 3 peaks challenge! It all began on Friday night when I picked the guys up to set off on the road (not of course without a lecture for my non light packing – its tradition since I joined LMC). We set off with the sun shining and Mumford and sons blasting setting the tone for the weekend which was I learned involved climbing the 3 peaks, in tango and too fast for midgies.

Mill cottage meet Apr 17/18

Who would have thought it ? a meet with good weather !! Well the lucky ones who came along to the mill cottage meet were rewarded with a glorious weather window, the sun shon all day Saturday and toyed with us on the Sunday. Richard was first at the cottage , he got the stove lit and then met myself Danny and Harry in the Suie for a couple of beers. Meanwhile MattD, and new members Marie and Pete familiarised themselves at the cottage. Plans were hatched with tea and beer round the stove.


On Tuesday 15/4/15 our club member Chris Miles, gave up his time and went to Ben Vane in search of a missing dog. He found the dog Jax , a boxer and re-united it with its owner. On behalf of the club i would like to congratulate Chris for his efforts in bringing a happy ending to the dog owners story. I would also like to say Thank You to the many people who ( on Milesy,s insistence ) have contacted the club and donated some cash to our new hut fund. Thanks to everyone who donated, and WELL DONE MILESY, for both your effort and unselfishness, i can sense an award at the annual dance.

Chaos and Change: Things you can believe in

Chaos and change are twins. Chaos brings change and change causes chaos. Change is a constant in most of our lives and often we seek to reduce the chaos and bring sense to our lives through simplification. However, as Terry Pratchett wrote “Chaos is always found where order is being sought. Chaos always wins, because it is better organized”.

AGM Wednesday 8th April

just a reminder to everyone the agm is this wednesday in the partick burgh hall, sarting at 7.30pm if i can ask everyone who can to come along and take part.



Boomers requiem on the Ben

Myself.billy beetroot,the spaniel and the president himself all went upto the Ben this morning with the plan to do boomers and grade 5 that looked awseome.mick picked me up at 6.30 with the was good as this high pressure is still hinging aboot.the drive up by the the loch was beautiful.with a sunrise with blue skies.jim Beaton went for a cat nap until mick blasted some charlatans in the motor and woke the old master up.we arrived at the n face car pack behind half of the mountaineering community.we where all buzzed up ready to grace the Ben on this glorious weather.mick was fuel

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N.W. coire of Meall Buidhe

Went into this fine little coire with Gary, Peter and Liam. No-one else there, which was more I'm sure than could be said for Glen Coe. Gary and I did Echo Edge, a great exposed buttress/ridge with bomber turf and some good little steps. Not what I am used to but it was a good choice as it is North-West facing and was pretty clear of the deep soft snow covering everywhere else. After a go on another route and a play on some other turf and neve in the coire, Peter and Liam followed us up Echo Edge. Great place, good choice, decent weather ... It was a privilege to be there.

Crowberry Gully

Crowberry Gully has long been on my to do list, ive ogled at the pictures and descriptions in the Cold Climbs book for nearly 30 years, yes since primary school. So on Saturday i rose at an ungainly 4.30am, pick peter up at 5.30, by 7.15 we were the second team to leave the car park. Very little snow till we reached the waterslab, the snow from here to the base of the gully was mush and i didn't really think we would get it done.

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