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What are the monthly meets?

The monthly weekend meets are our best loved activities that we do as a club.  We typically arrange one weekend meet per month where we visit a mountaineering hut, bothy, camp site etc in a great climbing and hiking location and are great social events too.  The meets are booked for the season ahead and can be viewed on our events calendar page.  Announcement for individuals to book a place on the meet tends to happen about 3-4 weeks prior to the event.  The meets schedule can be found here.

What equipment/gear do I need? What other stuff do I need to bring along?

Whilst this list is a guide, it is by no means exhaustible and while the club cannot provide formal advice on gear, our members are more than happy to share their own experiences with types of clothing or gadgets - if in doubt, please ask us, we don't bite!We will often be visiting mountain areas so you will need to be equipped to survive a full day out, in weather which may include driving wind and rain (or snow in winter or our Scottish summer). On these trips your gear may need to be a higher spec than that used for lowland walking.Here is a list of what is commonly considered the absolute minimum when climbing and walking.


Waterproof jacket, Waterproof trousers, Walking boots, Rucksack, ideally with a rain cover, Warm clothing, Gloves, Spare Dry Clothes, Head torch, Sunglasses (well you never know!)


Tent and Sleeping mat (if not in a hut or bothy), Sleeping bag, Warm dry clothing, Towel, Toilet roll!


Whether either camping or staying in a hut, you'll definitely need breakfast and a packed lunch for Saturday and Sunday . A little Extra High Energy Food for emergencies. For dinner, we either congregate in a pub in the evening where you can get dinner, or we bring our own food.  Most of the huts have cooking facilities of some form, but don't rely on that without checking first! . And bring a water bottle!


Experienced members will know what climbing equipment to bring. New members, or those new to climbing should discuss what types of climbs will be done at the meet and politely request to borrow and equipment that they may not have. At the least, members should have their own harness, belay device and screwgate, and climbing footwear.


Suitable Map . Detailed Route Plan - either one you have devised yourself in advance by studying the map or by purchasing one from a professional and reputable source like .

Compass & Knowledge of how to use it .


Cash! Unlike London, you can't pay by card for everything, and cash machines are hard to come by! .

Basic First Aid Kit .

Pen/Pencil and Paper .

Watch (or means of telling the time) .

Swiss Army Knife (just as useful) .

A Survival Bag .

A Whistle .

A Torch

west gully 2


Winter Months .

Ice Axe & knowledge of how to use it (essential in snow and ice) if walking in Winter .

Crampons - just as essential in snow and ice if walking in Winter .

A Rucksack or Day Sack Liner will keep all your items dry should the weather turn. (There are commercial rucksack liners available but a bin liner is perfectly adequate - just don't forget to check it every couple of weeks for holes/deterioration).

Waterproof outer layers.

Survival blanket (and someone in the group with a bothy shelter)

Head torch

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