1. NAME 1.1 The club shall be known as the "LOMOND MOUNTAINEERING CLUB", hereafter referred to as "the Club".
    2. OBJECTIVES OF THE CLUB 2.1 To promote the interest of Mountaineering amongst the members of the club. 2.2 To provide an opportunity for members of the Club to meet and participate in Mountaineering activities in accordance with the spirit of the hills and goodwill to all others. 2.3 To act on behalf of and in the interests of Club members. 2.4 To support and take part in the work of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.
    3. MEMBERSHIP OF THE CLUB 3.1 MEMBERSHIP SHALL BE GRANTED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE COMMITTEE. 3.2 Membership of the club shall be open to any individual. 3.3 In addition to the above membership of the Club shall only be open to individuals who recognise that mountaineering is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. Members shall be aware of and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for their own actions and involvement. 3.4  Any profits generated by the club will be used for the benefit of the club as a whole and not as a financial incentive to individual club member acting on behalf of the club.
    4. HONOURARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP 4.1 Honorary life membership may be conferred on a member who has been of great service either to the club or the sport of mountaineering.
    5. DISCIPLINE 5.1 The committee may suspend membership or use of the clubs facilities to any member whose conduct is deemed unbecoming of a member of the club. 5.2 The committee may expel any member whose continued membership is considered harmful to the club. 5.3 The member shall be given two weeks WRITTEN notice of the meeting at which suspension or expulsion is to be proposed, and shall have the opportunity to attend and speak in his/her defence when the proposal is put. 5.4 A suspended or expelled member shall have the right of appeal to a General Meeting.
    6. ADMINISTRATION OF THE CLUB 6.1 The Club shall be administered by the Club Committee, hereinafter referred to as "the Committee".
    7. OFFICERS OF THE CLUB 7.1 The committee shall comprise the following elected officers, hereinafter referred to as "the Officers": Honorary PRESIDENT Honorary SECRETARY Honorary TREASURER Honorary HUT CUSTODIAN Honorary MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Honorary MEETS SECRETARY Honorary SOCIAL SECRETARY Honorary WEBMEISTER 7.2 Voting for the election of Officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting. 7.3 The committee shall hold office for a period of one year, after which members of the committee shall individually become eligible for re-election. 7.4 In the event of an officer leaving the committee before the end of this term, the committee shall have the power to co-opt a club member to the vacant post.
    8. THE COMMITTEE OF THE CLUB 8.1 The committee shall meet a minimum of four times per annum in addition to the AGM. 8.2 The committee shall appoint a representative to attend the AGM and other meetings of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland and other representative bodies as deemed necessary. 8.3 The President of the Club will normally preside at the chair of all meetings of the Club or Committee. The President will ensure all have an equal say at meetings allowing arguments for and against a controversial item in turn. 8.4 The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence relating to club affairs. 8.5 The Treasurer shall be responsible club funds and will account for income and expenditure made on behalf of the club. 8.6 The Hut Custodian shall manage the affairs of the Club hut and enforce rules for its use as set by the committee. 8.7 The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for promoting the club, collecting subscriptions and recording members’ details. 8.8 The Meets Secretary shall arrange a program of activity meetings with the aim of encouraging members of the club to meet on a regular basis. 8.9 The Social Secretary shall arrange all social meetings of the club with the aim of improving relations within the club and promoting the club externally. 8.10 The Webmeister shall be responsible for matters relating to the club website including access and content.
    9. FINANCIAL YEAR 9.1 The clubs financial year shall be from 1st MARCH to end of FEBRUARY.
    10. SUBSCRIPTIONS 10.1 Subscriptions shall be due annually immediately after the AGM. Subscription year is 1st APRIL to 31st MARCH. 10.2 New members joining after 31st DECEMBER shall pay a reduced annual fee.
    11. RULES OF THE CLUB 11.1 The committee shall have the power to set club rules. Such rules shall be in accordance with the articles of the club’s constitution and the policies of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.
    12. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 12.1 The Annual General Meeting will be held in MARCH. Four weeks notice is required. 12.2 A quorum at the AGM shall be either fifteen members or one fifth of the membership whichever is the lesser. 12.3 Subscriptions shall be reviewed by the AGM. 12.4 At the AGM the secretary shall present a report of the club’s activities. 12.5 At the AGM the treasurer will present the audited accounts and balance sheet. 12.6 The clubs accounts shall be audited annually by a member appointed at the AGM.
    13. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING 13.1 A Special General Meeting may be called with at least four weeks written notice: 13.1.1 by a majority of the committee, 13.1.2 following delivery to the secretary of a requisition stating the business to be conducted and signed by one fifth of the membership.
    14. RULES OF PROCEDURE AT ALL MEETINGS 14.1 The Secretary will inform all expected to attend the meeting of the date, time and location at which the meeting is to be held. Any apologies for absence should be passed to the Secretary before the meeting. 14.2 A quorum at committee meetings shall be three committee members, at general meetings fifteen members or one fifth of the membership whichever is the lesser. 14.3 The Honorary President shall take the chair at all meetings. In the absence of the President, a chairman shall be elected for that meeting only. 14.4 The President will have a deliberate and casting vote at all meetings, each committee member will have a deliberate vote at all meetings and each member will have a deliberate vote at the AGM. 14.5 Minutes will be recorded and made available to all members. 14.6 The Secretary shall read any apologies for absence received. 14.7 The minutes of the previous meeting shall be reviewed in order to ensure they are a true and correct record. Any necessary corrections shall be amended. 14.8 Any matters arising from the review of the previous minutes shall be discussed. 14.9 The secretary shall read any correspondence received since the last meeting. 14.10 The officers of the committee shall present any relevant reports. 14.11 The secretary shall read out any Motions received. The proposer and seconder shall then have the opportunity to speak for the motion before it is put open to discussion. 14.12 Voting on motions and their amendment shall be by show of hand unless otherwise proposed in the motion. A scrutineer appointed by the President will count votes and the President will declare the result. The President shall make it known if he/she wishes to make use of the Presidents Casting Vote. 14.13 Other items on the Agenda will then be discussed. 14.14 Before the end of the meeting the opportunity will be given to discuss any other competent business not on the agenda. 14.15 At the end of the meeting the date, time and place of the next meeting can be agreed if appropriate.
    15. THE MANSE BARN 15.1 The lease of the club hut shall be held by the President and Secretary, who will be responsible for ensuring that the terms of the lease are kept. 15.2 Any liabilities incurred due to the clubs lease, sub-let or use of the hut shall be the responsibility President and Secretary. 15.3 All income from the Manse Barn shall only be used to further the interests of the club and its members and will not be used for any other purpose. 15.4 Any member is entitled to a key for the hut at the discretion of the Committee. All hut keys remain the property of the Club and must be given up upon request. 15.5 Any member using the hut must abide by any rules of use in place at the time. 15.6 Members must seek the consent of the Hut Custodian before using the hut. Any member using the hut without the consent of the Hut Custodian does so at their own risk and is responsible for his/her own actions and any liability incurred as a result of their actions.
    16. GRIEVANCES 16.1 Any member with a grievance of any kind against another member, the committee or the club should in the first instance put their complaint in writing to the Secretary. 16.2 The Secretary shall inform all committee members that there has been a complaint and call a meeting of the committee at the earliest possible convenience to discuss the complaint. 16.3 The committee may call any member involved in the grievance to attend the meeting. 16.4 Once the committee has reviewed all facts relating to the grievance a course of action will be decided upon and the Secretary will write to all concerned informing them of the outcome of the meeting and the committee’s decision. 16.5 The committee’s decision will be final. 16.6 Any member wishing to appeal further must do so to a General Meeting in accordance with article 13.
    17. ALTERATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION 17.1 Alterations to the CONSTITUTION shall be made at the AGM, after a written proposal presented to the Honorary Secretary, not less than two weeks before the meeting. An alteration to the CONSTITUTION is subject to the assent of two-thirds majority of those present at the meeting.
    18. DISSOLUTION OF THE CLUB 18.1 The club can be dissolved by two thirds majority vote carried out in accordance with Article 17. 18.2 The Secretary will inform the Mountaineering Council of Scotland of the dissolution of the club. 18.3 The committee shall be responsible for the dissolution of the club. 18.4 The Committee will be responsible for the continued maintenance of the lease of the Manse Barn as per the constitution. All club funds will continue to be the responsibility of the Treasurer until the lease has ran its course. 18.5 All liabilities are to be settled out of the remaining club funds. Any liabilities still outstanding after all club funds have been exhausted shall be the joint responsibility of all members. 18.6 All club funds left after all liabilities have been settled shall be donated to the Mountaineering Council of Scotland. 18.7 After all liabilities have been settled and remaining funds distributed, the Treasurer will close all bank accounts relating to the club. This shall complete the dissolution of the club.

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